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Robert Mitchell Farms is a new family enterprise, developed from 100 years of farming expertise within the Mitchell Family. We produce top quality Bramley apples, Conference pears, Damsons and Cobnuts for processing and local markets. 


Our free-draining sandy loam soils and gently rolling aspect provide the perfect environment for the Bramley apples to crop heavily and produce their characteristic acidic flavours.  


Robert Mitchell is the fourth generation of the Mitchell Family, who have been farming in Kent, The Garden of England, since 1892 growing various fruits and winning many prizes such as the National Fruit Show Store Operator of the Year 2010, and the joint winner of Grower of the Year 1999.


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After one of the coldest Springs on record, the 2013 crop is beginning to show up. Petal fall is 2 - 3 weeks later than last year so we badly need some warm sunshine to boost cell devision and catch up on lost time.

Although it is too early to predict crop volumes, both apples and pears enjoyed some sunny days during flowering so there is potential for a good crop.


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