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Replanting Bramley orchard
Friday, 25 April 2014 18:43


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When we decided to grub out Broad Seer Bramleys we did not expect the wettest winter on record! Grubbing and replanting in the same year is always challenging, and this project has certainly tested our patience.  When ground conditions finally dried up we finished burning the old trees and got our contractor PP Broad to do the cultivations.

In 3 days the 4 hectare field was ploughed, subsoiled and power harrowed to a smooth finish.  Ray and Jeff quickly marked out the tree positions, followed by standing up the new stakes in perfectly straight lines.  Terry and Dave did the knocking in while Bogdan, Christina and Robert planted and guarded the trees.  As we near completion of this project, the rains have returned and watered in the new trees.  There will be continued activity throughout the summer as we tie, spray and mulch the new trees.  As Broad Seer is on the central road through the farm, it will get plenty of visitors and is a project we can all be proud of.



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