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Spreading compost
Tuesday, 10 June 2014 20:02


Broad Seer Compost Spreading


Now that our new trees are waking up from their cold storage, they will develop very quickly and have a need for both nutrition and moisture.  They were all planted with special slow-release fertilizer which should feed them for 2 years, and the earlier rainfall has topped up the soil moisture.  Retaining this moisture for the delicate tree roots is a challenge in hot weather, so instead of our usual chopped straw we have spread this compost around the trees to maintain moist conditions and improve soil organic matter.

Produced at Blaise Farm in West Malling, this is the contents of household "green bins" collected, composted and refined under carefully controlled conditions.  Almost 150 tonnes of compost have been spread on this 4 hectare orchard by our contractor, Bournes of Newenden.



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