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Planting 2011

This year we are replanting some of the areas affected by the gas pipeline, installed 2 years ago.  Now that the soil has settled it is ready for planting with the trees that have been held in cold storage for the last few weeks.  The exact planting positions are marked out and planting holes are dug by hand to ensure the perfect depth for the new trees.

The tree roots are soaked in water overnight, then the trees are carefully planted and firmed in well.  A wire guard is put around every tree to prevent rabbits eating the tender bark, then the trees are tied to the support stakes to prevent them rocking in the wind.  This allows new roots to develop rapidly as the soil temperatures increase.  The trees will be pruned and watered for the next few weeks. After 4 years of care and attention, the new orchard will begin to crop with Bramley apples and Golden Delicious pollinators to be used in our Mitchell's Apple Juice.



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