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We have 95 hectares of orchards which produce about 3,000 tonnes of fruit, which has to be picked by hand.  Harvest begins mid-August and finishes at the end of October.  Our pickers work in small teams, supported by a supervisor.  Fruit is picked into picking buckets (which can be heavy when full) and are emptied into fruit bins, which are moved around the orchard by picking trains.

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The job involves working in all weather conditions; it can be very hot in the Summer turning cold and wet very quickly.  Please ensure you bring appropriate clothing for these conditions.  Our pickers are paid weekly and provided with a detailed payslip showing earnings and deductions. PAYE Tax and National Insurance will be deducted in line with UK legislation.


Watch our latest video to get an idea of what it is like to live and work on our farm:




We provide on-farm accommodation for our seasonal workers. Our accommodation has a variety of bedrooms to suit groups of 2, 3, 4 or 6  people per room. We have limited accommodation for couples.  There are communal kitchens, dining areas, lounge areas, and games facilities alongside a fully equipped internet room with WiFi throughout the building.


dininggamesRoom 2

Room 10Room 11Minibus

We have separate toilet and shower facilities for men and women.  Bedding and kitchen equipment are all supplied.  Food shopping trips are organized at least once a week; our minibuses will take our pickers to the local supermarket where they can buy their groceries. There is sufficient fridge and freezer space for food storage for every room.




Anna & Honza, from Czech Republic

On Robert Mitchell Farms, it was our first experience with picking apples. We arrived one week before the other workers to prepare the whole place, so we had plenty of time to explore the place and enjoy ourselves.

From the very beginning, I was a bit afraid of how we handle all the other people coming and sharing our “new home” with them. I was surprised how smooth it was. Everybody was so nice, we helped each other and nobody was mean. I do appreciate Robert’s attitude, as well as his family’s and Carol’s - they kept trying to fulfil all our wishes.

Picking apples was physically demanding, especially when the weather was not so good, nevertheless, it was balanced by meeting so many people from different countries and a chance to leave our social bubble for a while :-).

Staying on the farm was a great pleasure and experience!



Sandra, 24 years old, from Lithuania

Hi everyone, have you noticed that good things happen in your life unexpectedly? Just couple months ago I had no intention to leave Lithuania, no intention to leave my job, just live in my little town with a daily routine. So how I ended up in an apple farm? Well, it’s because of my younger sister, who decided that she needs some adventure, challenge, fun. Like all good older sisters I couldn’t let her travel alone, so I took a holiday break from my job and went to Robert Mitchell Farms.

Learning how to pick apples and pears was challenging, but in the same time interesting job. Farm staff were very friendly and helpful. Before my leave from Lithuania my biggest concern was how I will manage to live with around 50 people under one roof. To my surprise this concern turned into biggest and pleasant experience of all harvest. I met people from Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech rep., all of them with their different culture, way of life. Some of them were so inspiring with their life stories,  adventures , that they made me rethink my own life goals. I decided to leave my old job and stay in England for a little bit longer to meet even more interesting people.






Borek, 31 years old, from Czech Republic

 My name is Borek, I come from Czechia (or the Czech Republic if you want) and I live, study and work in Prague. This is my second season here.  When my friends called me if I wanted to go with them to pick apples in England, I saw it as an opportunity to change the environment and, of course, make some money. That's what happened, and besides, I found a place where I would be happy to come back.

The Robert Mitchell farm is a place with a very friendly atmosphere, comfortable accommodation with plenty of places and activities where it is possible to enjoy even the rainy days. There is chance here to meet people from different countries not only as a tourist but as their co-worker and roommate. You can find here both the experienced pickers and the students for the first time working in agriculture.

And I cannot forget the great and willing staff of the farm like Carol, Rob, Barry the Driver and more, and of course, last but not least, Robert Mitchell and his sons.  For me, it is also opportunity to work some time under the sky and enjoy the little pleasures of life like the sunny morning and also to relax from the big city in beautiful English countryside, but still near to London and other famous cities of the English south, such as Canterbury, Brighton and Hastings, which is not a problem to visit if you want. Just take a train in a nearby small town with a beautiful name Borough Green.

Ionel and Catalin Cozma, brothers from Romania

Hello, we are Ionel Cozma and Catalin Cozma, we have been working in this farm for more than 5 years, it is a well-known farm where everything is legal and certificated. In this farm the work is different we have Apples, Pears, nuts. The accommodation is excellent and clean. The work is piecework and hourly. We need good workers, so Workforce we look forward to you coming here!

Some other comments


"  Best season ever! "


         " Trip to Hastings was really nice "


   " I hope we will meet next year "


" We had great parties! "


Janis, 28 years old, from Latvia

When I first came to this farm I was looking for a possibility to earn money in a care free environment and that's what I've found here.

The accommodation has been created to provide all the comforts that we should need. Cosy rooms, good wifi, a lot of place to store and cook food, TV room and many other small things which add up to make your stay here a very nice experience.

The owner of the farm and the senior supervisor - Robert and Carol..well.. really us, workers, we call them Mum and Dad for a reason. If there is any problem regarding anything they will always listen to you and come up with a fair solution for it. And they always keep it positive and fun!

In my opinion the work is not too hard. The money is good and everybody is treated fairly in this place.

So that's why this is already my 7th season here and I intend to come back!


Zuzana and Veronika from Czech Republic

We are two students from Czech Republic and this is our first time at Robert Mitchells Farm. We were very pleasantly surprised by kind and warm hearted appoach during our stay here.

We enjoyed spending our free time by visiting surrounding areas. Also we took a trip to Canterbury town and Hever Castle (both stunning places).

The farm is well equipped and cosy, you can find everything you need for good stay.

We appreciate Robert Mitchells and his team constant striving for improvement.

We are thankful for this experience and we highly recommend it to others.

How to apply


Please note that due to the Coronavirus crisis we have currently suspended all recruitment activities. The recruitment process will re-open in July for the 2020 harvest.


We use a recruitment agency to fill most of the places on our farm. Interviews and selection takes place in a number of European cities and this is often the most secure and reliable method of application.


Please use the following link to contact our agency:



If you are eligible to work in the UK you can apply directly by using the Contact tab (after 1st July).

You may be asked to attend an interview in the UK at your own expense.




We are registed with the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange.
If this is a requirement for trading with us, please initiate a relationship via the Sedex website.